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Are You Considering Luxury Vinyl Floors?

Luxury vinyl floors are finding their way into more and more homes across the country. Vinyl, which used to be considered one of the cheapest flooring options, is now being used in high-end homes, resorts and other luxury areas.

It has so many advantages, it’s hard to pass it over as not only a viable choice for durability, but also for the alluring look and elegance that can often only be found in natural materials.


Explore the benefits of luxury vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Floors Look Like Natural Materials

Thanks to the use of new 3D technology that manufacturers are using to apply the image to the vinyl, the top of every tile has a unique look. LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and LVP (luxury vinyl plank) are often found to look almost exactly like solid hardwood, ceramic tile, marble and travertine.

Sizes also allow for that natural look, including the use of grout between tiles for that classic ceramic look. For hardwood, LVT comes in strips, so that you can barely tell the difference from the real thing!

Luxury Vinyl Floors Offer Authenticity In Texture

In addition to the image that gives the look of natural resources, luxury vinyl also comes with the natural texture applied as well. This science is also due to the 3D imaging technique, which creates the real feel of ceramic, real natural stone and luxurious hardwoods.

Luxury Vinyl Floors Offer Competitive Benefits

Not only do you get the awesome natural look of real materials with luxury vinyl, you get so much more. It gives you a great waterproof ability with some brands offering 100% waterproof protection.

You can use these kinds even in basements that could possibly flood. This is something that is impossible to achieve with solid hardwood. However, luxury vinyl gives you the option to use a material that looks just like wood, with even more benefits than the real thing.

Luxury Vinyl Floors Have Layers

The durability of luxury vinyl is increased by a backing layer that negates the need for a subfloor installation. The inner layer is the core that offers great stability and, depending upon the thickness, can even out some areas of your old flooring. The next layer is the design layer that gives you the look of real resources. And all of these are topped by a durable wear layer that comes in different thicknesses. The thicker the wear layer, the less likely your floors will take on scuffs and scratches.

Let Us Help You Choose Your Luxury Vinyl Floors

Roca Carpet has a showroom located in Nanuet, NY servicing the areas of Nanuet, Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ. Stop by today to check out our line of luxury vinyl flooring.

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